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Solid Tank Tracks Base

uploaded by Galadonn 1 year ago

Good Sturdy tank tracks base on wich you can mount whatever you like. Works good even without tracks if they eventually break.

Press Keypad plus (+) to activate the pistons to for tracks tension
Arrow up - Arrow down: for the Left track movement
Keypad num 2 - Keypad num 0: for the Right track movement
posted by new 1 year ago
Tip:How Tanks Rotate:
for going to the right:
left track goes forward,right track goes backward
and reverse for the lift
you have 2 wheels in the Tracks make the INNER ones steer(with the way i told you earlier)
and the outer ones move forward
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
Yes, those are what pretty much every ppl do on tank tracks to make it easy to drive, but i find it annoying cuz it doesnt make your tank movement fully free, that's why i prefer to have 2 separate commands, you can actually see a big difference when you are climbing on things or you lose a track and you want to move only one track in whichever direction you want, but i appreciate your tip for easy control, thx NEW, for posting a comment, btw you are the first comment i get :D
Enjoy Besiege guys, i bought this game few weeks ago and as i love to edit stuff this is a great game to do so.
posted by new 1 year ago
You are WeLcOmE!