How do I use a .bsg file?

Realistic 4x4 base v2 (Possibilities Oziboy??)

uploaded by Druggernaut127 1 year ago

simply a version that does not require the cv joints mod
Im still working on a better CV joint that does not require mods, im trying to do something similar to the
Drivetrain in my 1st vehicle with the diff.

arrow keys as usual
does not require invincibility
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
This is close, a few things are wrong

The CV joint, I hope you know it's angled and it's spinning in weird directions
The issue is that you placed the joint the wrong way

There is no joint on the rear wheels = no independent suspension

My main concern is the joints are wrongly designed and because of this they are buggy

But it's really close
posted by Druggernaut127 11 months ago
I didn't add cv's to the rear axle as it doesn't need them, I was going for a fixed axle design oziboy/ @Oziboy (I forgot how tagging works it's been a while lol) uhm yea I've given up on the cv idea as of when I made this comment they're getting in the way of other advancements and we simply don't have the blocks needed (I haven't updated my besiege so I don't know if they've added new blocks that might be better) but yea I kinda left besiege I'm busy at college with Acad at the moment and not inventor but when I get back to doing inventor I'll probably get back into besiege
posted by oziboy 9 months ago
I use online polygon/triangle/whatever calculators to do it for me, much easier than designing it in inventor or CAD first

I'm trying to return to the game, currently building a clock but it's getting heavy on my system and I barely made 2 cogs of 60 teeth each :P

I might do a remake of my commer knocker or a replica BMW R series boxer engine

Or make an automata but I need ideas