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Arcing Rockets - Birdie

uploaded by killofo 1 year ago

Initial design was just to make the Rockets turn and arc towards target like in some of those sci-fi spaceship battles.
Design of bird shape came afterwards to make it look better.

Block count = 460
Play speed = ~80%


May need to replay a few times, due to many grabbers the bombs sometimes drop off at the beginning and cause huge explosion
-Does not need invincibility
-Fits within Box limit



Building Tools
No bounds
Easy Scale
Explosive Cannons



[P] = Unpin

[O] = Ascend - (only self balances after all rockets are launched)
[L] = Descend
[Arrow Keys] = forward,back and turn


[Q] = Arc Rockets aim - (Centre of screen and balanced, best accuracy when vehicle is on ground)
[1 to 0] = Arc Rockets - (Aim where you need then exit the camera to see the rockets arc)
- Too slow play speed will cause rockets to shoot WAY OFF target (i don't know why)

[F] = Front view / Cannon aim - (Aim is slightly above the vehicle tip)
[Keypad 1 to 8] = Cannons (Ideal to use explosive cannon mod)


[Keypad 0] = Self-destruct burn - (Use after rockets for slow burn)
[V] = release grabers for Balloons
[Keypad minus] = release grabbers for Arc Rockets
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