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Viking Improved

uploaded by new 5 months ago

A lot of credits go to "Artur"
right shift/ctrl=slash and block
Now i was......bored so I made this It does not have a lot of differences in combat,but it has a lot of differences in look.
Look at the photo and you will see the look differences
It was originally designed to have a club to smash with but it did not deal a lot of damage it just knocked tough enemies
sooo.... i removed it
I wanted to make my own by removing everything except the legs but it lagged and flied when i start the game
so improved on this one
posted by Artur 5 months ago
Haha, ok, take a like
posted by new 5 months ago
posted by new 5 months ago
Hey can you upload a video with the
fire viking and this one!(to youtube)
posted by Artur 4 months ago
Sorry, im too lazy for that :C