How do I use a .bsg file?

DG RTC Rocket Buggy

uploaded by dibs 1 year ago

Was just messing around with basic RTC and ended up with this. Kinda looks like the GLA rocket buggies from C&C Generals.

Arrows = movement
R.Ctrl + Num 0 = Raise/lower rockets
1-8 = Rockets
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
Hi, was wondering how do you place rockets perpendicularly on the grabber? and do you have block loader? if you do where did u downloaded it?
thank you in advance
posted by dibs 1 year ago
To place them like that, build some blocks to the side of the grabber and place them in from the side. You will need to offset the blocks by half a block to get the distance right, you can use a wheels to make that distance. I don't use any mods, just a few skins.
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
I was wondering if u did it with any mod, but nope, just the good old wheel trick ;) always works, takes longer though.
For the mods i was just wondering, since i saw on the besiege site the laser block (rly cool) and the drum block, but cannot figure out how to get it in game or where to get the download.
Anyway, thx for the answer and GG!
posted by dibs 1 year ago
I probably shouldnt question it, but how did this get an extra 2000 downloads seemingly over night???