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War train with slingshot

uploaded by Carweirdo3 1 year ago

Not much to say about this train.
up,down,left,right to move.
Y for flamethrowers
H for front shrapnel cannons
T for all cannons
G for smokestack
X to switch view points
C and Z for doors
Q and E for opening hatch containing bombs
R to raise piston and make bombs roll into slingshot
I to raise slingshot
F and V to tilt slingshot
M to let go of whatever you're firing
L to contract springs and fire
Open hatch before firing!
The center block must be fired first(you'll know when you'll see it)
You must lower the platform for bombs(press R again)before firing a bomb to let other bombs roll back,or else...
After you have adjusted the launch angle and are going to fire a bomb,press M first and listen to the sound of the bomb hitting the base of the slingshot.Or else the bomb won't fire and/or the train will explode in your face.
Damn this is long...

posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
Sorry that this train might be a bit big...