How do I use a .bsg file?

Jericho Missile SOLO VERSION (only 1)

uploaded by Drako 1 year ago

Q, E: Aim up down
1: launch missile
2: deploy fuselage
3: Activate micromissiles
4: enjoy!
posted by Drako 1 year ago
posted by Drako 1 year ago
Full version 2 jerichos + vehicle:
posted by Milchael 1 year ago
this is the coolest missle in besiege! Great job!
posted by Drako 1 year ago
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
Yo Drako, was wondering what kind of mods you using, and if u use them where did u find the download cuz i cant find it anywhere, was especially interested in the Laser block and Drum block.
Thank you in advance man, great work btw ;)
posted by Drako 1 year ago
This is the oficial game forum, subforum Modding. Install spaar's mod loader and then search for the mod you looking for ^^
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
meh.... im getting crazy over this modding, cant seem to make it work, i have the latest version of spaar, and when i get the block mods and put em in the installer folder it seems that it is not working, dont have any of the new blocks ingame....
do you know what specific path i have to make? i mean from the beginning to start fresh.
if its too much of a pain to comment add me on skype for a quick chat this is my name just copy paste "lorenzocuccuini" i could rly use some help x) its getting outta hand.
thx in advance man
posted by smokearrow 1 year ago
my dream rocket came out :]
posted by Drako 1 year ago
@Galadonn: Well, honestly i only use 3 mods, building tools, easy scale and No bounds. Those are needed to build faster and save time, and i dont used other mods than those and laser mod. I think the only problem you should have is the version of your game and the version of the mods. Each time the game is updated, the mods stops working and the developoers need to re-upload the mods. Maybe the versions you are trying to use are not the same?
posted by Galadonn 1 year ago
@Drako: got it dude, i was just putting the mods in the wrong folder, i figured it out so all good now ;)
posted by leMinecraftian 1 year ago
praise the sun