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38 Special

uploaded by Ross 1 year ago

This machine can clear all 38 zones with only 12 blocks! It can work as a flyer or a ground vehicle, withstand limitless enemy attacks in ground form, and adapt to challenges in other unexpected ways.

I originally posted it on the Steam Workshop:




Up Arrow = forward
Left and Right Arrows = steering
Z = lift
X = front grabber
C = bottom grabber (holds bottom flying spiral)
Left Shift = water cannon
Left Control = self-destruct

*If you end up laying horizontally, you can rotate and use the forward thrust to get back up. This is especially useful if you end up laying sideways while grabbing the starting block or another lightweight object.



To reach ground mode, allow the flyer to fall from a great height, or run into an obstacle to break the balloon.

The controls are the same, except
Z = forward.

If you lose the top flying spiral, then you need to move forward while turning. This is because the machine tends to perch on the front grabber. It doesn't get stuck though; it just takes a little forward thrust and you can go anywhere you need to go.

Also, don't press 'C' in ground mode; you'll lose one of the flying spirals you need to move! D:



If you don't turn at the start of the simulation, the flyer will automatically catch the bomb. You can even start flying upward right away without detonating the bomb.

Alternatively, if you want to fly without the bomb, simply turn and fly upward when the simulation starts, and the bomb will detonate on the ground.

Flying while carrying the bomb isn't easy, but it's possible. The main idea is to apply sustained thrust while the flyer is vertical, and let go when it goes horizontal. Turning is best done in small increments, when you're high enough so that you can afford to lose some altitude while regaining stability.

With practice, you can carry the bomb any distance with the 38 Special, and even pick up the other bomb and use that one, too.



You have to use the bottom grabber to lift the water cannon, and to reach the book in The Duke's Knowledge.

After you drop the bottom fan, the change in weight distribution makes it unstable to use forward thrust. But the end of the flyer with the rocket is heavier, so you'll drift in that direction. You can use that to position yourself to grab the object.


Now that you're armed with most efficient zone killer to date, go out there and make it a bad day to be a knight! >:D
posted by new 1 year ago
Cool,But can you upload more often?