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Fire Viking

uploaded by new 1 year ago

A viking scientist made combat Technology using the most powerful element(in that time)
right shift=fire slash(has 20 something fire slashes
right ctrl=block
The Upgraded version of the viking improved
i was gonna give him a Sword but it did very low damage surprisingly the flame thrower deals more damage and looks awesome!
with fire proof body(except the legs)
Can we hit 5 Likes?
posted by Artur 1 year ago
posted by Artur 1 year ago
Cool :)
posted by new 1 year ago
1.1k DOWNLOADS! is this site broken?

posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
@new hey man it me, I almost finish for the north star that you ask, but there's a problem, since you like to see northstar's abilities, there's a ability that wouldn't be there that would be the "tether traps" because I don't know how they work on besiege, and it can't walk pretty well so I hope you understand, but I'll fix it