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Zeppelin Airship L30

uploaded by Shade 1 year ago

This Airship is based from the L30, a Behemoth featured in Battlefield 1, appearing on certain maps. In Conquest, it is automatically spawned for the team that is behind in tickets at a certain point in the round.

As requested by Discord user Arthiedex

I did not include the side propeller because it already has high block count.
Operates the Zeppelin as seen on Zeppelin Hunt game and move it around the map. This airship has the ability to drop up to 12 bombs over a target and has multiple autocrossbow which can be used offensively to attack enemy on the ground or in the air.

Airship Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Turn: F/H
Forward/Reverse: Z/Left Shift
Increase/Decrease Altitude: X/C
Unpin: P

Weapon Controls --
Aim Turrets: Arrow Keys
Fire Turrets: Hold Num 0
Drop Bombs: Num 4 - Num 9

Camera modes --
Third Person Camera Mode: 1
First Person Mode: 2
Top Turret: 3
Underside Turret: 4
Bombsight: 5
Gondola view: 6

Block count: 856

Zeppelin Hunting Game with this airship available on steam!
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jk nice creation btw i made a video with this if thats okay with you?
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skin link plz...reply ASAP pls...