How do I use a .bsg file?

Flying plane made completely of decouplers

uploaded by Carweirdo3 1 year ago

I did not make this!!!I downloaded a file similar to this which was a plane made of decouplers.
Unfortunately it doesn't fly.That was somebody else's work,NOT MINE!!!
Improvements to make it fly:
adding a whole lot of wings.
adding 2 more engines.
making the whole plane more slim and more light.
impoveing all rudders
M and L for engines
up down left right and page up page down for piloting(rolling,etc.)
H for pistons to lower/raise wheels
V to bomb stuff
J press it and see what happens......

posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
Oh,forgot something:F to switch viewpoints.
posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
Sorry about that.:(