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Da Slingshot Train

uploaded by Carweirdo3 1 year ago

This a much much lighter version of that last train,only consisting of 453 parts.
I use a normal laptop and this train functions perfectly at normal time settings on it.
Note:this train only contains the slingshot.
Arrow keys for driving(whatever).
Q and E for opening/closing hatch.
F and V for tilting slingshot.
Z and C for doors.
Y for water cannon.(Sorry it's not heated,couldn't get a torch to fit: - ( ,looks just like steam when the trains going at top speed.
X for different camera views.
I for raising/lowering slingshot.
R for raising a piston which will make bombs roll into slingshot.
M to let go of whatever you're firing.
L to contract springs and fire.
Open hatch before firing!
1.The center block must be fired first.
I suggest that you open that hand icon thing and pull it out yourself.
It always seems to cause explosions one way or the other......Sorry about this.

2.You must lower the platform for bombs(press R again)before firing a bomb to let other bombs roll back,or else the vibration of the slingshot or the slingshot lowering will trigger the bombs to blow.

3.After you have adjusted the launch angle and are going to fire a bomb,
press M first and listen to the sound of the bomb hitting the base of the slingshot.
Or else the bomb won't fire and/or the train will explode in your face.

As seen in the photo,this train is capable hitting normally difficult-to-hit targets if you aim right.
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
Does this mean we can upload again?! Yey!!!
posted by Carweirdo3 1 year ago
So it wasn't just me who couldn't upload.....Besiegedownloads crashed?