How do I use a .bsg file?

My first bomber, so go easy on me :3

uploaded by RobertX45 1 year ago

Controls are:
Z-X: Toggle forward/backwards///Q-E:Increase/Decrease speed in air or landing speed(WARNING:If you boost the speed for too long you might experience defects like:wheels falling of, propeller braking, etc...)
Arrow Keys to control
C:Shot cannons
1:Wing Flamethrowers(Just to look cool)
F:Toggle beetween flying camera, bombing camera and landing camera
Numpad 1-9:Drop bombs
How to take off:Press H, Press Z to go forward and hold down the UP arrow key until you get airborne
How to land:Switch to landing camera to see how close to the ground you are, switch off engine(press Z) and hold Q(offers slower speed so ---> easier landing), when you are close to the ground release the key and dont forget the LANDING GEAR
P.S.:while in air press H to pack up landing gear so it doesnt break
Im not american, so sorry for bad english and, as i said, its my first bomber so have fun :3, :D
More creations coming up!!! Tell me what you want and ill try make it!!!(except planes :3)
posted by AngularTag752 1 year ago
Great job on the bomber! Try your hand in tank mechanics, it's always good to know how to make some tracks of varying types. Your English is pretty good too. :) Good luck
posted by RobertX45 1 year ago
Thx man, it;s good seeing some support! I already have some tanks done and im thinking about uploading them! I need to make some finishing touches