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Osean Federation Arkbird - Low-Orbiting Spacecraft

uploaded by Shade 1 year ago

The Arkbird was a maneuverable, low-orbiting spacecraft from the Ace Combat 5 game, conceived during the Cold War by the Osean Federation to counteract Yuktobania's recent advancements in SLBM technology. The Arkbird eventually became a symbol of peace and cooperation between the two superpowers in the years after the Belkan War.

Arkbird as requested by Imaginative PE and Franco Fernandez

This big white bird has autopilot (requires Scripter mod to be able to autopilot) for more smooth flight, and is fully maneuverable both in zero-g and atmospheric flight. Armed with one big primary laser (requires Laser Emitter mod) to be able to fire) and smaller 'laser' like in the game. No UAV to defend itself tho. That would make it ridiculously complex.

Arbird Controls --
Pitch: T/G
Roll: F/H
Accelerate/Decelerate: Z/X
Engage Autopilot: Num 8
- Requires Scripter Mod:
Ignite Boosters: 0
Switch to Auxiliary Engine: B
- Optional: Extra visual effect with Vector Thruster mod

Weapon Controls --
Aim Laser Turrets: Arrow Keys
Fire Secondary Crossbow: Hold Num 1
Fire Main Laser: Hold Num 0
- Requires: Laser Emitter mod:

Camera modes --
Third Person Camera Mode: 1
Top Turret: 2
Underside Turret: 3

Block count: 413
posted by 1Second 1 year ago
Flawless as always.shade :D