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Tank Destroyer V 0.2(Its better than the previous)

uploaded by RobertX45 1 year ago

I want to have more space in the title :(
But here goes the description!
As it's predecesor, this version has improved armor, and some hidden features!
Very mobile and strong
Right-Left: Steer
H:Extend tracks(It barely moves but its gona increase mobility by a little)
J-L-I-K:Move cannon ( Use the "F" key to go in first person mode and aim the gun better) & C to shot cannon
~:Cool flaming exhaust on the back
O-P:Open Back Hatch & V to shot the hidden cannon.
T:Shot flamethrower! (It's in the front, and if the cannon is aimed down enough, you're going to have a steady ROF and a fire wall to protect you from stronger enemies! OH! And i forgot! Y-U:To move flamethrower up-down!

posted by dibs 1 year ago
I see you are getting into tanks, very nice!