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SFP-V47 High-speed Fighter Bomber, Vanilla

uploaded by CCCanyon 1 year ago

An attempt on a new airframe.

Fast (top speed 315m/s ~= Mach 0.9)
Suspended retractable landind gears
Variable pitch torqueless rotors
Carries 4 bombs
Dual x2.0-power cannons
Well balanced
Effective yaw
223 Blocks

Arrow keys --- pitch, roll
L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw
Z, X --- speed control
C, V --- landing gears
L-shift --- cannons
1, 2, 3, 4 --- bombs
F, G, H --- cameras

It can taxiing on the ground with the yaw control, and move backwards with the speed control.
Individual bomb drop does not affect the flight.
posted by KILLERBEAR 1 year ago
wow CCCanyon went all out