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CCC-80 Intermeshing Rotors Helicopter

uploaded by CCCanyon 1 year ago

Realistic cyclic and collective control.
Vector entanglement auto-stabilization by Neon.
190 blocks.
Stable and easy to fly. (cannot do stunts)
Strong retractable landing gears.
Looks cool.

No weapons, because I hate them.

It will start flying forward steadily by itself after given some initial speed.

L-Ctrl --- toggle rotors
Arrow keys, L-alt, R-ctrl --- pitch, roll, yaw
Z, X --- collective and throttle
C, V --- landing gears
B --- toggle auto-stabilization

Q, E --- alternative yaw
F, G, H --- cameras
posted by CrimsonCobra 1 year ago
this chopper is amazing, super easy to fly