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Saab-CA-05 Kite, Supersonic Stealth Jet

uploaded by CCCanyon 1 year ago

This is a fictional successor to the Saab-35 Draken.

Supersonic (top speed 1800+m/s ~= Mach 5)
Safely do full turns under Mach 4.
177 Blocks.
Recommended playing time scale 80%~100%.

Arrow keys --- pitch and roll
Left ctrl --- start engine
Z, X --- ac/decelerate
C, V --- landing gears
L-alt, R-ctrl --- yaw

F, G --- cameras
posted by RedBaron 1 year ago
can it reach top speed in the sandbox or does it need custom maps?
posted by CCCanyon 1 year ago
It can only reach around mach 1.5 inside the wall.
It takes a long time to reach mach 4, better fly it in the old sandbox
posted by RedBaron 1 year ago