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Innovative Aeronautics - Weaponized D-Dalus

uploaded by Shade 1 year ago

D-Dalus is a future remote-controlled cyclogyro developed by Innovative Aeronautics Technologies. This one in Besiege, while not all, can do many things the original D-Dalus visioned. This very stable aircraft flies like a balloon stabilized craft but without using any balloon at all. It's very safe to drive as it has 30 degree tilt-resist thanks to Vector Entanglement. Neon has kindly made the guide of Levitation through Vector Entanglement so check out how that works.

This aircraft uses cyclogyro rotor, something unique and very rarely used in Besiege. Cyclogyros works like a water paddle. Substitute water with air and you got an engine that combine lift and thrust. A very powerful rotor that can lift heavy objects slowly. I learnt how to build this rotor from CCCanyon's simple Cyclogyro.

Default One-Hand Controls --
Prime Stabilizer: Hold Left Shift (hold until you hear two grabs)
Toggle Engines: Z (toggle after stabilizers fully primed)

Tilt Forward/Backward: T/G
Tilt Left/Right: F/H
Turn: R/Y
Ascend: X
Descend: C
Retract/Extend Landing Gears: Right Alt/.

Fire Autocannons: Hold Num 0

Tips on flying D-Dalus
Taking off:
First prime the stabilizers (Hold Left Shift) and keep holding until you hear two grabbing sound. Toggle engines on (Z) then hold ascend (X) immediately to take off. To move, just tilt (T/F/G/H) to the direction you are heading. Turning (R or Y) is recommended as it's faster but turning too fast will make this aircraft losing altitude. The stabilizers might cause rocking motion on the craft that you have to manually correct if you maneuvers too fast.

Extend landing gears (.) Hold/Tap descend (C) until it was close to the ground. Toggle engine off (Z) after touchdown.

Camera modes --
Third Person: 1
First Person: 2 (Gunner view)
Block count: 401

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posted by madman 1 year ago
Jogjakarta will be proud

jogja jogja, kota istimewa
istimewa kotanya istimewa orangnya

Salam ngapak dari Banyumas XD
posted by leMinecraftian 1 year ago
update the b29 pls i want to see how a revised version would compare to stuchris's b29 i also want to see what sort of changes you would make
posted by Shade 1 year ago
Sorry I'm not interested in redoing that bomber, but if I update it I will move the aileron to the tip of the wings and remove the roll gyro completely.

@madman ya ampun XD
posted by Kenny1999 1 year ago
This high-tech technology is made purely from the braveness and purity nation!