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16 Legged Crawler

uploaded by Spartanfox 1 year ago

This is a 16 legged crawler I made a while ago but didn't have a chance to upload until now as I forgot my previous accounts information.

Since you cant build legs which start at different positions I thought the best way to overcome it is build each segment with two legs, one big leg on top then one smaller one at the bottom, both of these legs provide movement and because they're built differently their movements work together to provide a semi stable forward or backward motion.

This was built to be a base platform for others to attach weapons and other contraptions as it fits perfectly within the bounds it can be used in levels and thanks to its giant amount of legs even if it loses 10 of them it can still move so its perfect for a heavy artillery machine. The motors right now are only at 25% speed as its not heavy enough to move at full speed without bouncing around so mess around with it and see what you can make it do.
posted by madman 1 year ago
I can make this more fireproof XD