How do I use a .bsg file?

The False Flag

uploaded by thebeginer 1 year ago

Please set simulation speed to 20% or slower.
Then press "K" to have Uncle Larry "pull it".
posted by thebeginer 1 year ago
Guys use a fast supercomputer with multiple GTX1080Ti and slow it down to 1% to approach NIST level of modeling accuracy.

I was hoping Nvidia would have came out with a new demo to prove how NIST got it right, like how they did produced a Apollo moon demo that debunked moon landing conspiracies with the debut of the GTX980 show casing the VXGI rendering technology to prove once and for all without question that we actually did landed on the moons. So I made this BSG in Besiege to prove that NIST was right!
posted by thebeginer 1 year ago
Oh and one last thing, in my haste I forgot to add the termite at each level, you gonna have to plant that yourself for a more coordinated demolitions. The floors and support beams are already there, just use the erase tool to help reveal and don't forget the to use the service elevators (just joking) MAGA!
posted by thebeginer 1 year ago