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The KLW1273 is an 8x8 Truck, every wheel steers so that an small turn cycle is granted. Perfect off-road traction is reached due to and 5° body to wheel angle, and the special wheel speeds 1. Rack medium speed; 2. fast, 3.&4. Rack slower speed. The average speed is 50-60 µ/s (Blocks per second ^= meter/second) or 180-220 km/h or 110-135 mp/h, with boost you reach an high speed from about 120µ/s.
[Boost= Right-shift; Steer/Drive=Arrow-keys]

The Truck is weaponized with two turrets on the top each with 2 (x2) CANNONS and two (x3,12) CROSSBOWS; on the top of that it has an PLOW in the front, to remove obstacles, finalized with of cause two (x16) FLAMETHROWERS. Oh, I barley forgot the ROCKETS.
[Turret (Up/Down/Left/Right)='I'/'J'/'K'/'L'; Cannons='2'; Crossbows='3'; Rockets='4'; Plow Up/Down= 'T'/'G']

For the Visual I added a few beautiful cameras accessed using 'X', the driver view can be opened using 'E', you can look back using 'R', and an orbital view is found under the 'Q' key. The doors are opened and closed with the 'B' and 'V' keys.

Here are some more pictures:

Greeting Hans (just kidding)

P.S.: Sorry my PC is too bad to produce an Youtube-video
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?????? Please leave comments down here ? so that i can improve my machine ??????
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Well, for those whose Steam ain't working
Here are the Texture packs