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USS Roma

uploaded by Kenny1999 1 year ago

The Army airship Roma was built in Italy and was actually a 'semi rigid' airship, which means half zeppelin and half blimp hybrid. It had a rigid keel which supported all crew quarters, engines, and the cargo room itself. The real Roma has an envelope contained gas and have no rigid structure like a blimp. The Airship Roma then served for the US Navy and named as USS Roma. She was lost in 1921 apprently due to structural failure, sending her into army powerhouses in Hampton. Since she was contained with hydrogen, a cheap light dangerous gas, she exploded and kills 34 crew.

Honestly, this hybrid airship has a terrible design, Besiege made, or historical doesn't matter. It is not like those German airships which has regular and logical designs. Since this was made in Italy, doesn't mean always bad design.
German airships crash are due to gas problems, while this one has structural problems. Which means this airship is successful when having a good structure. Graf Zeppelin uses hydrogen but can travel around the world. Soonly, USA has moved from hydrogen to helium.

Seriously, I think this is the airship hardest to build because it has a weird, unique , and funny structure which makes it different from other airships. Especially building the control car is quite hard, because it is more like a keel of a viking boat than a keel of a blimp. The problem is also to make it fly, since this airship has a weird and funny design, making it fly takes sometime. And the reality is I sit on a stool, which makes it extra tired.


x = adjust altitude
c = stabilize
z = full throttle
q/e = hard to starboard/port

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