How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by MadeInGermany 1 year ago

The controls are simple STEER=Arrow-Keys; TURRET (Up/Down/Left/Right)= 'I'/'J'/'K'/'L'.
You can shot the MG/Crossbow with the '1'-Key, the rocked is shot using '2'.
The max speed is 90 µ/s (^= 90 m/s) or 325 km/h or 200 mph, with boost up to 170µ/s; Boost is toggled using Right-shift.
Now the camera controls: 'Q' is the orbital camera, 'E' for driver camera, and 'F' is the Turret camera.

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Your Hans
posted by MadeInGermany 1 year ago
Well, for those whose Steam ain't working
Here are the Texture packs
posted by KIWIFISH 1 year ago
Looks quite cool! the only thing is, it doesn't really work for me, it stays levitating like a few meters above the ground...