How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by MadeInGermany 10 months ago

The controls are simple STEER=Arrow-Keys; TURRET (Up/Down/Left/Right)= 'I'/'J'/'K'/'L'.
You can shot the MG/Crossbow with the '1'-Key, the rocked is shot using '2'.
The max speed is 90 µ/s (^= 90 m/s) or 325 km/h or 200 mph, with boost up to 170µ/s; Boost is toggled using Right-shift.
Now the camera controls: 'Q' is the orbital camera, 'E' for driver camera, and 'F' is the Turret camera.

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Your Hans
posted by MadeInGermany 10 months ago
Well, for those whose Steam ain't working
Here are the Texture packs
posted by KIWIFISH 10 months ago
Looks quite cool! the only thing is, it doesn't really work for me, it stays levitating like a few meters above the ground...