How do I use a .bsg file?

The Ascension

uploaded by thebeginer 1 year ago

Best at 50% simulation rate, even slower for more accuracy is possible.
Upon loading the map, let spacecraft stabilize for a few seconds as you don't want asymettric thrust.

If using multi-stage, it is good idea to press "J" to decouple the three stages prior to lift off, so that there is minimal impact (from the tiny decoupling explosives) of the course trajectory later on. We don't want a Space Shuttle Challenger repeat here lolz.

Press "T" to ignite main rocket boosters.
Press "2" to start the secondary stage rockets.
Press "3" to burn the third and last/final stage.

If timed correctly, the third stage can reach high altitude as evidenced of "icing" on the rocket tip.

HINT: Once decoupled, the stages do not have to be launched in order. And you can also add fins to further stabilize the rocket.
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