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HV - 03 Hurricane (With Light Aircraft)

uploaded by Kevizen 1 year ago

Biggest, most heavily armed Plow-Craft I've ever built. Equipped with 3 weapons (or 4 including the aircraft).
HV - 03 Hurricane, the "big brother" of my HV - 02. This is the most heavily armed plow-craft I've ever built. It has 3 weapons (or 4 including the aircraft).

Arrows: Movement
Q / E: Strafe left / right

(The Arrow Turret)
2 Arrow turrets with 2 arrow guns on each turret.

T / F / G / H : Aim
X : Fire!!!

(The Rocket Pods)
2 Rocket Pods with 4 rockets on each pods

I / J / K / L : Aim
1 - 8 : Fire!!!

(The Cluster Missile)
Basically this is a cluster bomb strapped to a rocket. With 18 submunitions, it's enough to cause massive destruction

R / Y: Launch direction
Left Shift: Launch
- (Minus): Deploy submunitions

(XA-1 Mosquito)
Light aircraft with vertical takeoff ability. Fast and highly manoeuvrable.

NUMPAD 4: Takeoff
NUMPAD 6: Start main engine
NUMPAD 5 / 2 / 1 / 3: Pitch & Roll
NUMPAD 8: Shoot


-Don't launch the cluster missile while moving. Stop it first.

-For the plane, when you want to takeoff, press NUMPAD 4 and NUMPAD 5 until you gain some height, then fire up the main engine. After that, just control the plane and do some crazy flying.

-For maximum destruction, deploy the submunitions high enough from ground.

-The longer you press the deploy submunitions button, the greater its range.

Steam workshop link:
posted by DajaexxH 1 year ago
wow u came back
posted by Kevizen 1 year ago
Yea, I started playing besiege again after the dev announce that there will be a multiplayer & level editor update. Can't wait for it!