How do I use a .bsg file?

SB - 02A Ghost

uploaded by Kevizen 1 year ago

SB - 02A, is the upgraded version of my original SB - 02 Ghost. Now it is more stable and more easy to fly. Armed with 18 Bombs by default and a flare. You can customize its payload to anything like guided bombs, some missiles, or anything you want!

T / G / F / H: Pitch & Roll
1 - 9 & Z / X / C / V / B / N / M / (,) / (.): Drop bombs
I: Flare
O (Toggle): Start Engine
P (Toggle): More speed

-For faster & shorter takeoff, press O & P together.

-When you drop the bombs, it's better to not drop it simultaneously. After dropping a bomb wait for a while before dropping another bomb.

-For more accurate bombing, you can turn off the engine and let it glide.
posted by 4XDX4 8 months ago
What mods did you use to make this plane?