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16 shot Bomb Launcher

uploaded by doompig 1 year ago

Simple mobile bomb launcher with 16 in the magazine. My first attempt. Range is inconsistent - needs a bigger bay to account for sloppy firing, or perhaps a barrel. Still, hope it proves a good starting point.

Drive, steer: Arrow keys
Raise/lower "Safety": [ and ]
Firing Brake: R, F
Steam cannon elevation: L-Ctrl, L-Shift
Activate steam cannon: Y
"Fire" (Raise/lower loading bay): H

Process: (1) Go to your firing point; (2) Set brake; (3) Set cannon elevation; (4) Raise "safety" board; (5) Fire away!

(Hat tip to Brooka, Roycehellion, and Drako for much needed inspiration and guidance!)
posted by doompig 1 year ago
v2 of this machine will be up soon(ish). Improvements include: 1) Single-key toggle Safety/Brake/Fire, 2) Fits in Bounding Box, 3) 20 bombs in bay. Just trying to figure out how to minimize jams, then will upload. And of course, all still Vanilla.
posted by doompig 1 year ago
v2 up now at Why are you still looking at this? Go get new/better version!