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16 shot Bomb Launcher

uploaded by doompig 10 months ago

Simple mobile bomb launcher with 16 in the magazine. My first attempt. Range is inconsistent - needs a bigger bay to account for sloppy firing, or perhaps a barrel. Still, hope it proves a good starting point.

Drive, steer: Arrow keys
Raise/lower "Safety": [ and ]
Firing Brake: R, F
Steam cannon elevation: L-Ctrl, L-Shift
Activate steam cannon: Y
"Fire" (Raise/lower loading bay): H

Process: (1) Go to your firing point; (2) Set brake; (3) Set cannon elevation; (4) Raise "safety" board; (5) Fire away!

(Hat tip to Brooka, Roycehellion, and Drako for much needed inspiration and guidance!)
posted by doompig 10 months ago
v2 of this machine will be up soon(ish). Improvements include: 1) Single-key toggle Safety/Brake/Fire, 2) Fits in Bounding Box, 3) 20 bombs in bay. Just trying to figure out how to minimize jams, then will upload. And of course, all still Vanilla.
posted by doompig 10 months ago
v2 up now at Why are you still looking at this? Go get new/better version!