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USS Shenandoah ZR-1 (1926)

uploaded by Kenny1999 1 year ago

The Shenandoah was based on German Airships during the World War One. She was the airship that was powered by helium, just after the USS Roma disaster. Unfortunately, she was break in half while passing a thunderstorm over Ohio in 1925, killing all crews onboard. The control car itself was break and disconnected from the body. Few months later, she was modified with a stronger structure, less engines and larger control car to maximize the safety and her capability of being a navy airship. In 1927, she served in the US Navy, and become the first real test flying aircraft carrier that carry one plane. She was assigned to be a sky patrol airship.

The airship as a very long and slim body, shaped like an airfoil. It has 5 engines, 6 with the control car. This airship was designed to be fast. However, the airship was light and quite small in size. The engines was designed in an individual way so that their air output doesn't collide to each other, making them fast moving. Because of their fast speed and the slim structure, she can't handle the wind pressure from the storm, making her break in half.


p = unpin
z = engine on/off
c = camera
t/g = altitude control
f/h = direction control


1 = release helium / lock helium
2 = stablize body

You can also fly this airship here:

Skins are available on the Steam Workshop, so cracked users must deal with the features they have.
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