How do I use a .bsg file?

Guidable missile launcher !

uploaded by Skeeteur 1 year ago

Guidable missile launcher, missile can also be launched automatically !

Set up : press [0] until the missile is vertically set up, also press [H] while doing that ([J] to release grabbers)
Camera : [1]-[3]-[7]-[9]
Missiles : NUMPAD [1]-[3]-[7]-[9], guidable via NUMPAD [8]-[5]-[4]-[6] (= arrow keys)
Speeds : [LShift] + [LCTRL] /!\ to launch a missile, activate first both speeds, you can then cut the engines to slow down /!\

Have fun fellow Besieger !
posted by Skeeteur 1 year ago
Fully vanilla of course :)