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Besiege: StarCraft 2 Banshee

uploaded by anonymous 1 year ago

A great flying machine inspired by Banshee from Starcraft 2.
Easy to control and destroy your enemies.

Before doing anything hold Right Shift for a second to setup Banshee.
2 - Top engines.
3 - Bottom engines.
4 - Accelerate forward.
Arrows - controls her in the air like any other flying vehicle.
Q - Shoot crossbows.
1 - Launch the rocket. Make sure you disable 4 before lauching.
Right ctrl - Raise landing gears.
Num 0 - Lower landing gears.

Basic Explanation:
Taking off: Simply enable 2 and 3.
Landing: Disable 4 and 3 and balance her using back arrow, if she becomes
front heavy enable 3 to even her up and repeat.

Banshee Creator - Michael Fade (Steam nichname: Orbeat).
Video Made by Kostya Naddubov (Steam nickname: Koctbllb).
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