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SpeedHawk Attack Plane

uploaded by CashAkSiege 10 months ago

Sorry for not uploading for a while, got busy and stuff.

This plane is my first propeller + return to center steering plane, but it auto-stabilizes and is very efficient.


Roll--- J/L for right/left
Pitch--- I/K for down/up (you can invert it by switching the keys activating the back 2 pistons)
Yaw--- U/O for left/right

Landing Gear--- T/Y for up/down

Bomb--- 0 to drop

Engine--- Z to start

Camera--- 1 for Upright, 3 for True Tracking (both behind the aircraft)

Hope you enjoy this creation. I'm currently working on putting missiles on it.
posted by madafak 9 months ago
what the fuck is the mod
posted by CashAkSiege 9 months ago
EasyScale, NoBounds, TGYD's Building Tools.