How do I use a .bsg file?

SAA-136 Attack Aircraft

uploaded by CashAkSiege 1 year ago

NOTE: This plane is my first one that uses a jet engine. Therefore, it's not as stable as the Speedhawk and might need more manual stabilization.

Things to point out:
-When on the ground gaining speed for takeoff, the plane might steer to the left a bit. All you have to do is to tap the yaw right button once or twice, and when it gets enough speed, it stops turning (maybe 'bout 0.75 secs)


Pitch up/down-K/I
Roll left right-J/L
Yaw left/right-U/O

Landing Gear up/down-T/Y

Upright TPV- 1
True-Tracking TPV- 3

With that cleared up, I want to ask you guys what u want me to build next. You could put a comment below or something.

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