How do I use a .bsg file?

Darvo 1A Christine shade

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago


Arrow keys to move
N, M, <, > for the turret
H, J/K, L for the second turret
C for the cannon
V for the crossbow
F, G for the camera mode

I suppose to make a tank that looks like a modern tank, but it turns more like a cold war style MBT, because of the turret and the hull, its kinda look like an M47 Patton with a christie suspension that you commonly see from the soviet tanks like T-34 and T34-85, but the hull looks a little bit modern, because it has a side skirt that protects the tracks, I don't know they usually put side skirts on their tanks in the 1950s, so by the way, this tank was quite agile and stable I think, the suspension and the gun was good, but it has a little problems, the tracks always detach itself when I do max speed, the gun sometimes broke when I do several shots, never press "C" rapidly, but that gun was very stable as well, to fix these little errors, I change the speed of the small wheel to x1.40 so when I do max speed and hard turns it never break, and the gun I add more braces for more integrity and a flying block to reduce the recoil from the gun but also it will increase its block rates, and it has now 776 blocks so you will struggle from lag, that you can only play it in 19 to 20% speed of gameplay, but if you have super-computer, you can enjoy this tank for hours as you want, I be building more real tanks for now, but to my next build, I'll be building an another Titanfall mech, so guess it which mech it is.

For those who doesn't have steam just copy the link and download the skin

When you're done open the folder and copy the folders then go to "Besiege_Data" and open "Skins"
and import those files and you're done
posted by new 1 year ago
Will you make north star now?
posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago

posted by SouthAfricanBushHunter 1 year ago
North Star? whats that

posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
@SouthAfricanBushHunter It's from the game Titanfall 2, try to search it from the internet, you will know about it ^_^
posted by cowblunk 1 year ago
hey Blits could you destroy my new tank i just made ( T-90 ) in your next video with one of your tanks?

love your tanks btw
posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
@cowblunk Well said! okay then but I have been working on a another project, it wasn't a tank, it is a mech, I could use you T-90 on the another video because this mech was harder than tanks so you gonna wait for 2 weeks or later, but don't worry I'm gonna use your tank ^_^
posted by cowblunk 1 year ago