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Watt Crank Engine

uploaded by The J 1 year ago

This is a simple engine built to demonstrate the use of a version of a crankshaft used by James Watt in his early steam engines. There was a patent on a simple crankshaft like we see used today, so he came up with this sun-and-planet gearing mechanism we see here instead. Later on, the patent ran out, so this mechanism stopped seeing use, though it is said to have inspired the planetary gearing we see today in devices such as handheld drills.
It does have the unique effect of giving a 1:2 gear ratio - maybe useful for compacting engines that would otherwise require a 1:2 gearbox.
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
Im gonna have to gt back to engine building soon. I miss making new systems (or remaking old systems as is the cases here.)