How do I use a .bsg file?

F-24 Fighter Jet

uploaded by CashAkSiege 1 year ago

I kinda got sick for some time and I'm been dragged along to different parts of the world for a trip and I didn't get much time working on something. Also, I dropped my laptop yesterday. At least nothing broke (Well, part of the keyboard side got a little warped, but who cares?)

But, enough of this sob story, let's get into the controls.


Engine - Z to start (Toggle)

Roll - F/H
Pitch - T/G
(Double vertical stabilizers apparently doesn't cooperate with rudders, so I don't have yaw on this plane.)

Landing Gear - N/M

Left - 5
Right - 6

Crossbow machine guns - (,)

That's probably it. If you think I forgot something, you can go check the key mapping yourself. I hope you enjoy this plane, because I'll probably need glasses soon (I DON'T WAN'T GLASSES)

Dog-fighting awaits! I'll see you there!
posted by CashAkSiege 1 year ago
I'm posting a fixed version of this today, because apparently the missiles dont work.