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F-24 Fighter Jet V-1-b

uploaded by CashAkSiege 1 year ago

I was playing around with the plane for a while, when I noticed that the missiles were just falling off and the emitter falls off during simulation start. I fixed a few issues, and it works now. I'll re-type the controls here, and a little extra about skins and mods required.


(Yaw not implemented due to double rudders)

Landing Gear-N/M


Crossbow Machine Guns-(,) <INFINITE AMMO RECOMMENDED>

Third Person-2
Landing Gear (under fuselage)-3
*NEW* Camera Facing Plane-4

Mods Recommended (For aesthetics)
Vector Thrusters-comes with emitter block, used for exhaust effect

Skins Required
Jet Black
Aluminium(Or Aluminum, whichever way you want to call it)

End notes:
Fixed Missile problem
Added new camera view

Dog-fighting awaits! See you there!
posted by Whatthehelp 11 months ago
Well done, but it's a little slower.
posted by CashAkSiege 3 months ago
Yeah, it’s quite noticeable. Though I guess the silver lining to that cloud is it gives u more time to do what u want.

Also I’m back at the jackal project that I formerly gave up on due to technological issues I gave the design an overhaul ( pretty sure thats the right word) that is somewhat minimalizing the lag.
posted by CashAkSiege 3 months ago
Sorry for the late response if that’s something you care about
posted by CashAkSiege 3 months ago
For whoever is reading this, I'm switching over to a new besiegedownloads page due to technological reasons. I'll reupload some of the better stuff to the new page - CashAkDude