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Realistic Brake, Wheel and Suspension Setup Model

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

I've create a realistic model of brakes system, a wheel, 4 lug nuts hub and double wishbone suspension with CV joint as shaft. It took me about 1,5 h of work. Brake setup is fitted with vented brake disk, single-caliper,dust shield/ caliper fiting plate, brake pads ,double braking pistons system and 4 lug nuts hub. Double wishbone suspension is fitted with double coilovers, 2 wishbone shaped arms, bushings and a CV (constant velocity) joint. Zero-gravity and invincibility mode are unnecessary but makes it more reliable. Controls:
O- unpin dust shield/ caliper fiting plate.
Up/down arrow key - spin wheel forward/backward.
V - release wheel from hubs
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Wow! haven't seen this one yet!

This is so cool with emphasis on being realistic!
posted by Dzytizz 11 months ago
Thanks ^^