How do I use a .bsg file?

over power !!!

uploaded by thaiduy 1 year ago

This machine shoot about 20 grenades and 1 bomb.

First press v and release immediately .
[left]_[down]_[right] . . to move

Press [ N ] to lengthen barrel.
Press [ j ] to aim where the grenade and bomb will land, approximately.
When satisfied with the aiming, press [ v ] to secure the machine in place.
Press [ L ] to fire.

Press [ c ] to release when done firing

___This might not work properly in the first time, the most common problem is that the grabber that close the holder and keep every thing in place fall off and so do the grenades. try a few time till the grabber fixed in place.
___Another problem is that when shooting a target that so far away. Grenades and bomb are sprearding out too much so when explode the bomb does not ignite grenades or ignite too late and miss the target.---- to fix this, follow the grenade and press [ k ] when it hit target
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