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Completely Automatic CVT

uploaded by Dzytizz 10 months ago

I've built another, bigger and better version of CVT in Besiege. It uses simple principle of gearing -if driver gear(input) is bigger than driven gear(output) it gives out more speed/less torque and if driver gear is smaller than driven gear then it has bigger torque/ less speed. To use it wait till creation setless down(1-4 seconds) and hold H for few seconds to start the flywheel and apply tension to belts. After that you can use up arrow key to see the CVT in action. Controls:
Up/down arrow keys- incease/decrease input/output speed.
posted by The J 10 months ago
Well. Shit.
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
Nicely done. I have a setup just like this, but besiege kept breaking my chain and i got mad and quit. You can def scale down a lot of that and use some better mechanisms, but nicely done. Always liked the double cone CVT. kept waiting to get beaten to it.
posted by Dzytizz 10 months ago
Thanks. Yeah I know that feeling too mate, Besiege physics are pain in the butt sometimes :D
posted by oziboy 5 months ago
Oh damn, I wanted to make this but I see you beat me to it
posted by Dzytizz 5 months ago
There's always space for improvements though ^^