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SFP-V64 Sphinx, Vanilla Fighter Bomber

uploaded by CCCanyon 11 months ago

The successor to the SFP-V47.
I redesigned the engines and the bomb bay.
The aileron RTC control is a modified version from Brooka's Adder, which is really compact.

Fast (top speed 400m/s ~= Mach 1.1)
Suspended retractable landind gears
Variable pitch torqueless rotors
Carries 4 bombs
Dual x2.0-power cannons
Well balanced
Effective yaw
223 Blocks

Individual bomb drop does not affect the flight

Arrow keys --- pitch, roll
Q, E --- yaw
Z, X --- speed control
C, V --- landing gears
L-shift --- cannons
L-alt --- crossbows
1, 2, 3, 4 --- bombs
F, G, H --- cameras
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