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Dune Fury

uploaded by TweakBox 9 months ago

Inspired by ????'s Dune Buggy, I decided to make a small car capable of doing off-road properly without breaking right after starting the emulation.

A fairly strong dune buggy that has speed without the propeller blocks. It has a front independent suspension and a 3-link rear suspension system. Multiple cameras attached to enjoy the gameplay~

No guns, no boost. Just plain old car fun!

Recommended map: Gobi desert of Zian1's Scenario mod
posted by RIDDIK 9 months ago
posted by TweakBox 9 months ago
thanks dude!
posted by Voltem 8 months ago
What is the mod for these maps, like Draegast uses?
posted by TweakBox 2 months ago
Zianl's Custom Scene Mod: