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Dune Fury

uploaded by TweakBox 11 months ago

Inspired by ????'s Dune Buggy, I decided to make a small car capable of doing off-road properly without breaking right after starting the emulation.

A fairly strong dune buggy that has speed without the propeller blocks. It has a front independent suspension and a 3-link rear suspension system. Multiple cameras attached to enjoy the gameplay~

No guns, no boost. Just plain old car fun!

Recommended map: Gobi desert of Zian1's Scenario mod
posted by RIDDIK 11 months ago
posted by TweakBox 11 months ago
thanks dude!
posted by Voltem 11 months ago
What is the mod for these maps, like Draegast uses?
posted by TweakBox 4 months ago
Zianl's Custom Scene Mod: