How do I use a .bsg file?

DC Mk ix Coaxial Attack helicopter

uploaded by dibs 11 months ago

My second attempt at coaxial blades. I solved the lack of lifting power by adding the capability to angle its rotors (this also extended the blades further out), however, this created a new issue with slight speed wobbles.

239 blocks.

-Sights require invisibility skin and cockpit pack skin, otherwise just delete the sights.

~+1 = hold for engines/reverse
Arrows = Pitch and roll
Q+E = Yaw
F = chase camera
G = Cockpit camera
R+T = rotate blade angle
R.Ctrl = Hold for cannons
R.Shift = Press to activate fire arrows
2-5 = Bombs
posted by cowblunk 11 months ago
thats awesome!