How do I use a .bsg file?

Bob The Angry Giant / Fully Vanilla Bipedal Waler

uploaded by Rogyx22 1 year ago

Is he angry or is he sad? Go ahead and ask Bob yourself!
I recommend you read controls, because there are a lot of them

Control face with Q and E
Control arms with Numpad:
1-4 Right arm
3-6 Left arm
7-Extend drill
Controls for walking are a bit more complicated, but easy when you get used to them:

Forward: Press 1+Up and then press 2+Down and repeat
Backward: Press 1+Down and then press 2+Up and repeat

Sideways: Press 1+Left, then 2+Right and repeat or 1+Right, 2+Left for the other side
Rotate: Press 1+2+Up, then Down and repeat or 1+2+Down and then Up in the other way

Thanks for downloading, if you like it, please let me know by liking this :)
Have fun and enjoy!

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