How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by Tomnycui 1 year ago

I made this machine for pass some level that you have to move something.
key pad 5 - forward
key pad 2 - back
key pad 1 - turn left
key pad 3 - turn right
key pad 4 - move up
key pad 6 - move dowm
key pad 0 - detach

------That's all------
Something not improtant:
"Can I speak Chinese?"
------That's the thing not improtant

PS. I'm Chinese.
posted by Tomnycui 1 year ago
It seems that ...
------That's why the player from tieba don't input Chinese...
posted by Tomnycui 1 year ago
Ps. This machine can pick up anything.
posted by Angeles22 11 months ago
Cool Machine Perfect for My Thing...