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Ar-2 Arkhangelsky

uploaded by Kenny1999 11 months ago

The Ar-2 was a Soviet dive-bomber and frontline bomber, that was produced and used in small numbers. It was produced around 190 individuals. This bomber is used in the World War II, and it was an improved design of the Tupolev SB 2M.

The design name is translated in English as Arch-, Arkh-, -sky, -skii, -skij. Or it can be simplified as 'Sky Archangel'.
However it is named after her designer, Alexander Arkhangelsky.

This plane flies very stable, and lands stable without breaking. This is what I think one of the successful aircraft I've made, because it fly very stable. This aircraft is designed to have a turret that can shoot down planes while the plane stabilize itself, and drop bombs without your hands trying to stabilize at the same time.


z = start engine
c = front turret view
t/g/f/h = maneuver
1/2/3/4/5/6 = bombs
j/k/l/i = control rear turret
o = fire rear turret

comma/period = landing gear


5 = fire front turret
9/6 = control front turret

This upload is mark as WIP, it is because I haven't place the red star on it yet. But the rest of the aircraft is done.

Steam Version:
posted by Stefanel 10 months ago