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Realistic V8 Steam Powered Engine

uploaded by Dzytizz 10 months ago

It has a flywheel, clutch with synchronizer gears, balanced crankshaft, camshaft with timing belt and tensioning mechanism, 8 pistons (obviously), 8 steam cannons at 1.5 setting, 8 steam cannons at 3 setting and 3 camera modes. This version is is the best out of 3 I uploaded,I will upload 3 types of different V8 steam powered engines (don't forget to check them all out!). It has 2 different acceleration modes: idle and actual accelerating (that's why I used 2 different setting steam cannons). Tried to make this one as realistic as possible. Sadly there are no fuel injection posibility in Besiege so the differences from real engine are: 1:1 timing because it's a 2 stroke engine, not 4 also there's no need of exhaust or actual intake system too. Heated steam cannons represents fuel injection. It also has a realistic clutch with synchronizer gears so powertransfer is smoother (watch the video for demonstration how it works). Invincibility is recomended. Controls:
Y- start engine.
F- swap camera modes.
Up arrow key- accelerate
T- tension belt.
Right control key- disengage clutch.
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