How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by g3k 11 months ago

Left and Right to walk
[if you make a bad step just press again left or right]
[and if he seems falling press a few times Left and right at the same time]
Up and down to change direction
Q and E to swing the sword

Z and X to move up and down the right arm

[I,K] [J,L] [U,O] to move the left arm
1 2 3 4 to shoot the "shurikens"

Dash instructions:
Press Left and right at the same time
and just after that hold shift.

"jump" press left and right at the same time
and then press Ctrl

[the light you see are lasers, download the laser mod to get them]
Download it here:
posted by Blitsplatapus 11 months ago
"I need healing"
posted by OrangIndo 11 months ago
New skin coming soon, the besiege edition.
posted by Quennelirokaren1 11 months ago
request (please build human size takiya genji)
posted by Davidblack 10 months ago
how to make that besiege banner

posted by Pewdiepie 7 months ago
Pls tell me how to download mods.... I don't know how XD