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Leslie Snipes

uploaded by Ross 10 months ago

Leslie Snipes began life as a simple car to get the explosive barrel in the new gold mining zone, but turned into so much more!

You can download it here, or try it on the Steam Workshop!


* Very heavy chassis, for remaining stable while lifting heavy objects
* Its weight also allows it to stay on the ground even in the windy zone 35. (Go backward with the grabber arm angled downward.)
* Slow enough to handle explosives
* Yet despite its weight and slow speed settings, it's still quick and nimble enough to weave around the bomb yaks in zone 19. (Hold Up+Left+Right for speed boost!)
* Carefully positioned cameras for aiming the crossbow and two cannons (Hence the last name!)
* Heavy bracing allows full power cannons, to minimize projectile arc, which makes them easier to aim.



Arrows = Movement
(Hold Up+Left+Right for speed boost!)

1 = Crossbow Camera
2 = Left Cannon Camera
3 = Right Cannon Camera
4 = Third Person Camera

Left Shift / Left Control = Aim Up/Down
Z = Crossbow
X = Left Cannon
C = Right Cannon
Right Control = Flamethrowers

F/V = Arm Forward/Back
G = Grabber
H = Extend Arm



* The ballasts in the chassis are heavy for lifting large objects, but you can make the car more durable by setting the ballast weights to the minimum.
* Wheel and hinge speeds are kept low for handling explosives, but there's room to make them faster if you want.
* You can also slow down wheel and hinge speeds, to make precise aiming easier.

posted by skys1s 10 months ago
Seriously? A very simple thing, anyone can do it
posted by Ross 10 months ago
Actually, lining up the cameras to aim the weapons wasn't as easy as you might think. In addition to the usual trial and error, I ran into some other problems, as explained in the forum post linked below.

In any case, it takes time to build something like this, so downloading it from here can save someone the trouble if they just want to play.