How do I use a .bsg file?

CCCanyon's IT-35 Artyboi

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 9 months ago

Arrow keys to move
N, M, <, > for the turret
Slash key/ Rshift for the legs
C for the cannon
F for the camera mode

The IT-35 Cargoboi was originally created by "CCCanyon" which is also a very good builder in Besiege, Since it was just Cargo Track Vehicle, I decided to add something awesome, I add an x3.65 Artillery cannon at the back for a little of offensive capabilities, but before you could use it, you need a mod called "Exploding Cannonball mod" to make this Artillery work.

This the original creation.
IT-35 Cargoboi by CCCanyon:

Exploding Cannonball Mod:

For those who don't have steam just copy the link and download the skin

When you're done open the folder and copy the folders then go to "Besiege_Data" and open "Skins"
and import those files and you're done.
posted by leMinecraftian 9 months ago
there is a besieger called rockyfighter8, who is a well-known and skilled tank builder. he made a tog ii, as well as a Fury.
and, well, when you compare your two tanks to his... well...

yours are far superior!
keep up the great work!